Town and Parish Councils

Here you will find information on Town and Parish Councils in South Hams and the responsibilities of the clerk of each council.

The South Hams contains fifty-nine town and parish councils and two parish meetings (Harford and Woodleigh). The parish meetings have no parish councillors, but there is an annual parish meeting for parishioners to raise issues.

The fifty-nine town and parish councils are broken down into

  • fifty-four parish councils and
  • five town councils:
    • Dartmouth, 
    • Ivybridge, 
    • Kingsbridge, 
    • Salcombe,
    • Totnes
  • two parish meetings: Harford and Woodleigh

Parish Clerks

Each parish employs a clerk to:

  • carry out policy decisions made by the council;
  • be the chief administration officer who is responsible for seeing that the business of the council runs smoothly and in accordance with the law and procedure rules;
  • be responsible for managing the financial transactions of the council and keeping appropriate records;
  • carry out all clerical and secretarial tasks for their council.

To find the contact details for your Parish Clerk, please use the button below. You can search by name or email address if known, or select your parish from the drop-down list.

Find your Parish Clerk

Parish Councillor Register of Interests

All town and parish councillors in the Council's area are required to complete a form setting out any registerable interests that they have.

The forms provide the basis for the register of interests for their town or parish council.  The register of interests is required to be displayed on the Council website.

These records are received from the local Town and Parish Clerks and are assumed to be correct by the Council. If there are any inaccuracies and/or updates, please contact the relevant clerk.

The Register of Interests for your local town and parish councillors can be viewed at the link below:

Register of Interests for Town and Parish Councillors