Enforcement Policy

The Council's Enforcement Policy sets out how we deal with enforcing the laws that we have a duty to enforce as a Local Authority.

What is this policy for?

This Policy seeks to clarify, communicate, and explain our enforcement approach to businesses, residents, consumers, and others affected by our enforcement activities. It also sets out a consistent and transparent policy as to how the Council will approach Enforcement.

This Policy is intended to promote efficient and effective approaches to regulatory inspection and enforcement which improve regulatory outcomes without imposing unnecessary burdens. We recognise the positive impact that our services can have on economic progress and growth within the local economy. We see it as part of our role to encourage and support the growth of legitimate business activity within the legal framework provided by central government.

Our staff are aware of this Policy and associated service standards and will act in accordance with this Policy and the standards set.

The overall aim of our services engaged in regulatory activity (where appropriate):

  • To support good practice and promote growth for business;
  • To protect our community from unsafe, unfair or illegal trading practices or unlawful activities;
  • To intervene with individuals who cause nuisance or environmental crime in our communities;
  • To protect the environment and amenity in our communities;
  • To safeguard persons in the workplace and those affected by work activities;
  • To improve health and well-being across the community.

There may be legitimate circumstances where it is not possible to follow this Policy. If this is the case, we will justify the decision and record it.