Enforcement Policy

The Council's Enforcement Policy sets out how we deal with enforcing the laws that we have a duty to enforce as a Local Authority.

Appendix 1 - Environmental Health Enforcement

A separate document details our Service Standards and how we can support businesses.

Primary Authority Scheme (developed by the Better Regulation Delivery Office): When considering taking enforcement action against any business or organisation that has a 'Primary Authority' agreement, we will have regard to guidance issued by the Secretary of State. This guidance is issued in relation to the Primary Authority scheme pursuant to the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008.

Home Authority Principle (as set out by Local Government Regulation): We support this principle which is to promote good enforcement practice and reduce burdens and business (It was developed for food and trading standards authorities. It applies to a local authority where the decision-making base for a large multisite business is located). Under this we will:

  • Provide businesses for whom we are the 'home authority' with appropriate guidance and advice;
  • Maintain records of our contacts with 'home authority' businesses to reduce the amount of information they have to provide to us;
  • Support efficient liaison between local authorities; and
  • Provide a system for the resolution of problems and disputes.

We recognise that where a business has entered into a 'Primary Authority' or 'Home Authority' arrangement with a particular regulatory service, then that authority will provide compliance advice and support. We will take such advice into account when considering the most appropriate enforcement action.

We may discuss any need for compliance advice and support with the primary or home authority.

Liaison will take place at the earliest opportunity with that authority.