Decarbonisation Grant

This grant fund aims to support businesses in their transition towards decarbonisation, helping to mitigate their impact on the climate, while reducing their overall expenditure on energy. Projects should facilitate the following objectives:

  • Delivery of solutions identified within the business decarbonisation plan.
  • Demonstrable reduction of the carbon footprint associated with the business.
  • Reduction in business expenditure related to energy / fuel.

Eligible Organisations

Businesses who have been through the free-to-access Southwest Devon Decarbonisation Plan project, to have a decarbonisation plan developed for their business, will be eligible for support.

Businesses who have been through another project to develop a decarbonisation plan will need to provide the details of the organisation that developed it with them, so that the grant team can determine its legitimacy.

All organisations must upload a copy of their decarbonisation plan.

This project will support:

  • Limited Companies, including social enterprises and CICs
  • Sole Traders / Partnerships
  • Charitable Organisations

Business support organisations, such as Libraries Unlimited and Business Information Point, will also be able to make applications on behalf of organisations they are supporting.

Organisations that do not meet the above eligibility criteria cannot apply. Organisations must provide proof of being registered to pay tax in the UK before any grant can be approved.

How to Apply

Use the button below to access our online application form.

The application form will require the following information:

  • Details about the organisation
  • A summary of the project proposal, in less than 200 words, describing the element of the decarbonisation plan they are looking to implement.
  • Which organisation will be delivering the project for your business, and how they were selected?
  • Total project costs
  • Amount of award requested from the Decarbonisation Grant Programme
  • Any measurable outputs / outcomes the project will deliver.
  • A recent (last 3 months) bank statement showing active business transactions.

Proposals should focus on:

  • What the project is.
  • How does the project fit the criteria?

Project proposals will be required to provide at least 50% of their total project costs as match funding for the programme.

Projects will be scored by a panel, against several criteria. These will include value for money, carbon footprint impact and economic benefit.

Please note, the application form cannot be saved once started!

Please ensure you have all details, including a recent bank statement, ready before applying

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