Non-Domestic Waste Collection (CWR)

If you are operating a property such as a holiday let, the law allows for a charge to be made for waste and recycling collections.

The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 (CWR) allows the Council to charge for waste and recycling collections from certain types of properties such as those operating as a holiday let, regardless of the type or amount of waste produced. These properties are not permitted to use the domestic service funded by the taxpayer. This includes the standard kerbside waste collections, recycling banks, litter bins and the household recycling centres, which are all funded from domestic Council Tax. Paying Business Rates does not include the provision for any waste collections.

In accordance with environmental legislation, the owner of a domestic property that produces either household and / or commercial waste must have an arrangement with a registered waste carrier for a refuse and recycling collection. For each waste type collected, the business should be given a Waste Transfer note (Duty of Care certificate) by their registered collector as evidence that the waste is being transported and disposed of in a responsible and compliant way. As a business owner this is your proof that you are recycling and disposing of your waste legally.

The Council has a responsibility to ensure that a business is operating legally, and that commercial waste is not being disposed of at the expense of the taxpayer.

Your registered collector must provide you with a Waste Transfer note (Duty of Care certificate). It is important that you ensure that you keep these, because you can be asked to produce these at any time. Failure to produce this documentation when requested is a criminal offence under section 34(5) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Regulation 35 of The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

If you are currently using a registered waste carrier, please follow the link below to provide copies of your refuse and recycling waste transfer note (Duty of Care certificate).

About the CWR Service from South Hams

The CWR service we offer enables refuse and recycling to be collected on our usual rounds with the household collections. The annual charge for this service is £350.00 and provides your premises with a recycling and refuse collection and disposal service in line with your local services.

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