Licensed Waste Carriers

You can find information about licensed waste carriers here.

If you employ the services of a private waste collector, please take reasonable steps to make sure that they are a licensed carrier.

You can check if they are registered by searching for their details on the Environment Agency's Register of waste carriers, brokers and dealers.

Any bona fide waste carrier will show you a certificate or authorisation card proving they are a registered carrier. 

We recommend that you do not engage with anyone who comes knocking on your door for a cash deal to take away your waste.

If you do, we advise that you to get a receipt and make a note of the registration number of the vehicle taking your waste.

Remember, if you transfer waste to an unauthorised waste carrier and the waste is then fly tipped you may then be liable to prosecution. 

Information for Waste Carriers

The Waste Carriers, Brokers and Dealers widget provides a simple way for registered Waste Carriers to demonstrate on their own website that they have a registration with the Environment Agency for their activities.

Once installed, the widget displays basic registration details and allow users to click through to additional details for the registration on the Environment Agency Public Registers.

 If you are a registered Waste Carrier, Broker or Dealer, simply search the Environment Agency Public Registers for your registration and follow the instructions here to install the widget on your website.