Other Information

Section 9 - Authority Employee or Councillor

You only need to complete this section if you are related to any elected Councillor or member of staff employed by South Hams District Council and/or West Devon Borough Council.

Section 10. Checklist

Please use the checklist to make sure that you have included all necessary information before submitting your application.

Section 11. Declaration

If you are submitting a paper form, or via email attachment, either the applicant (if the applicant is not using an agent) or the agent must sign and date the form. Failure to provide a signature could cause your application to be delayed.

If you are submitting an application online using the planning portal, you do not need to physically sign the form.

Section 12. Contact Details

Please ensure all requested contact details are provided, for both applicant and agent. This should include landline telephone, mobile telephone and email addresses.

These details will not be published but will mean we are able to contact you or your agent if we have any queries during the application process.

If you do not provide these details, your application may be delayed.