Applicant Details

If you are the applicant, please provide your name and registered postal address here.

If you are the agent (acting on behalf of a client), please provide the name and registered postal address of your client here.

Agent Details

If you are an agent acting on behalf of a client, please provide your name, your company name and registered postal address.

If you are the applicant (acting on your own behalf) please leave this section blank. If you have sought advice from a Tree Surgeon or Arborist, please note their name and company name in the section Identification of Tree(s) and Description of Works. You should include any reports as supporting information with your application.

Please note, if you do name a tree surgeon or arborist as your agent in this section, you will not receive any correspondence from us regarding this application. It will all be sent to the named agent - the tree surgeon or arborist. This could mean that you miss important information.