South Devon

Information for the South Devon constituency for the upcoming General Election on 4 July 2024.

The South Devon constituency contains the following wards:

  • Allington & Strete
  • Blackawton & Stoke Fleming
  • Charterlands
  • Churston with Galmpton 
  • Collaton St. Mary
  • Dartington & Staverton 
  • Dartmouth & East Dart
  • Furzeham with Summercombe
  • King's Ash
  • Kingsbridge
  • Loddiswell & Aveton Gifford
  • Marldon & Littlehempston
  • Salcombe & Thurlestone 
  • South Brent
  • St. Peter's with St. Mary's
  • Stokenham
  • Totnes
  • West Dart

Click on the headings below to view information and notices relating to the South Devon constituency for the upcoming General Election on 4 July 2024:

South Devon Constituency


Notice of Election

Parliamentary Election for the South Devon Constituency

  1. An Election is to be held of One Member of Parliament for South Devon Constituency
  2. Forms of nomination for the Parliamentary Election may be obtained at Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5NE from the Acting Returning Officer who will, at the request of an elector for any electoral area prepare a nomination paper for signature.
  3. Nomination papers must be delivered to the Acting Returning Officer, Election Office, Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5NE on any day after the date of this notice between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm but no later than 4 pm on Friday, 7 June 2024.
  4. At the same time as delivering the nomination paper candidates must also supply a £500 deposit which must be made either by the deposit of cash (legal tender) or by means of a United Kingdom banker’s draft.
  5. If any election is contested the poll will take place on Thursday 4th July 2024 between the hours of 7am and 10pm.
  6. New applications to register to vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 12 midnight on Tuesday 18 June 2024. Applications can be made online:
  7. New applications for a postal vote or postal proxy, and amendments or cancellations of postal or proxy arrangements, must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Wednesday, 19 June 2024. Postal Vote applications can be made online at
  8. Applications for a Voter Authority Certificate or an Anonymous Elector’s Document valid for this election must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Wednesday 26 June 2024. Applications can be made online:
  9. New applications to vote by proxy at this election must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5 pm on Wednesday, 26 June 2024. Proxy applications can be made online at
  10. Applications to vote by emergency proxy at this election must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Thursday, 4 July 2024.
Electoral Registration Officer Address
South Hams Local Authority Area Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes,TQ9 5NE
Torbay Local Authority Area Town Hall, Castle Circus, Torquay TQ1 3DR

Dated Tuesday 4 June 2024
Andrew Jonathan Bates
Acting Returning Officer

Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll

UK Parliamentary election: South Devon Constituency

A poll will be held on 4 July 2024 between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

The following people have been or stand nominated for election as a member of the UK Parliament for the above constituency. Those who no longer stand nominated are listed, but will have a comment in the right hand column.

Candidate name Address of candidate* Description of candidate Names of subscribers to the nomination 
(Proposer + and Seconder ++)

If no longer nominated, reason why

Michael Norman
48 Icy Park, Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge, TQ7 4LQ Reform UK Hobday Dennis 
Lally Vivienne 
Sparkes Darryl 
Rogers Lynette K
Hanmer Grant Rupert
Reeves Robin F ++ 
Lally Christopher J 
Sparkes Elizabeth 
Hanmer Grant Elaine
Roxburgh Ian
(address in Torbay Constituency) The Green Party Hodgson Richard F 
Lunk Anna M 
Cummings John 
Fallon John 
Reynolds Benjamin S
Hodgson Jacqueline M ++ 
Baldwin Malcolm D R 
Boyles Richard
Dart Gemma 
Lockhart Jacqueline
(address in South Devon Constituency) Heritage Party Moy Jennefer D 
Roblin Fay M 
Nichols John H 
Collings Rebecca F 
Lilley Jeff D
Rasmussen Karl F ++ 
Mayne Barry J 
Underhill Lorraine A 
Blight Jeremy M 
Caine William
(address in South Devon Constituency) The Conservative Party Candidate Penfold Samantha R 
Walsh Peter G 
Penfold Helena I 
Taylor Bernard J
Seager Berry George A 
Gilbert Sandra E 
Pearce Judith A
Strang Andrew 
Cook Pamela 
Gardner John E
Luscombe Francis E ++ 
Evans Jasper A A 
Greaves Stuart C 
Roberts Rachel A 
Bass Lister
Gilbert Rufus D 
Rowley Penelope 
Hawkins Jonathan D 
Marshall Mark C 
Coulson Nicola J
Daniel John
(address in South West Devon Constituency) Labour Party Bishop Paul D 
John George K B 
Jarrett Holly 
Harvey Vera A 
Gaehl Richard M
Gregory Philip W ++ 
Clarke Rosemary A 
Hughes Lorna D 
Shepherd Mary T 
Barrett Jonathan P
Caroline Jane
(address in South Devon Constituency) Liberal Democrats Smith Keith 
Oldridge Simon D 
Forte Melanie A
Harper Alan R 
Ivermee Charles G H
Chaplin Syvila ++ 
Webster Robin 
Oldridge Louise K
Chinnock Jeffery K 
Collinson Sarah C

*If a candidate has requested not to make their home address public, the constituency in which their home address is situated (or the country if their address is outside the UK) will be provided.

Dated Friday 7 June 2024
Andrew Jonathan Bates
Acting Returning Officer

Situation of Polling Stations

UK Parliamentary election: South Devon Constituency

No. of polling station Situation of polling station Description of persons entitled to vote
1 Ashprington Village Hall, Ashprington, Totnes EAA-2 to EAA-358
2 Aveton Gifford Memorial Hall, Fore Street, Aveton Gifford EAB-1 to EAB-702/1
3 Berry Pomeroy Village Hall, Berry Pomeroy, Totnes EAC-1 to EAC-324
4 Bridgetown Community Hall, Hope Close, Bridgetown EAD-1 to EAD-576/3
5 Bigbury Memorial Hall, St. Ann's Chapel, Bigbury EAE-1 to EAE-436/2
6 Blackawton Village Hall, Vicarage Road, Blackawton EAF-1 to EAF-697/3
7 Scoriton Village Hall, Scoriton, Buckfastleigh EAG-1 to EAG-228/1
8 Ledstone Farm, Ledstone, Kingsbridge EAH-1 to EAH-158
9 Charleton Village Hall, Sicklemans Close,West Charleton EAI-1 to EAI-431/3
10 Chivelstone Parish Community Hall, East Prawle, Kingsbridge EAJ-1 to EAJ-226/2
11 Churchstow Church Hall, Pump Lane, Churchstow EAK-1 to EAK-428
12 Cornworthy Village Hall, Cornworthy, Totnes EAL-1 to EAL-311
13 Dartington Village Hall, Cott Road, Dartington EAM-1 to EAM-1596/4
14 Dartmouth Guildhall No. 1, Victoria Road, Dartmouth EAN-1 to EAN-1182
15 Dartmouth Guildhall No. 2, Victoria Road, Dartmouth EAN-1183 to EAN-2306
16 Dartmouth Baptist Church Hall, Carey Road, Dartmouth EAO-1 to EAO-1560
17 Dean Prior Parish Hall, Higher Dean, Dean Prior EAP-1 to EAP-165
18 Diptford Parish Hall, Diptford, Totnes EAQ-1 to EAQ-478/3
19 Dittisham Village Hall, Dittisham, Dartmouth EAR-1 to EAR-316/3
20 East Allington Parish Hall, East Allington, Totnes EAS-1 to EAS-610/1
21 East Portlemouth Village Hall, East Portlemouth, Salcombe EAT-1 to EAT-120/2
22 Frogmore Village Hall, Appletree Close, Frogmore EAU-1 to EAU-263/2
23 Sherford Village Hall, Sherford, Kingsbridge EAV-1 to EAV-127
24 Halwell & Moreleigh Village Hall, Moreleigh Cross, Moreleigh EAW-1 to EAW-393
25 Harberton Parish Hall, Tristford Road, Harberton EAX-1 to EAX-559
26 Harbertonford Village Hall, Woodcourt Road, Harbertonford EAY-1 to EAY-514/1
27 Holne Village Hall, Holne, Newton Abbot EAZ-1 to EAZ-238/2
28 Kingsbridge Care Hub (1), Quay House ,Ilbert Road EBA-1 to EBA-1517/1
29 Kingsbridge Methodist Church Hall, 100 Fore Street, Kingsbridge EBB-2 to EBB-1766/1
30 Kingsbridge Care Hub (2), Quay House, Ilbert Road EBC-1 to EBC-1083/5
31 Kingston Reading Room, Kingston, Kingsbridge EBD-1 to EBD-304/1
32 Kingswear Hall, Fore Street, Kingswear EBE-1 to EBE-445
33 Raddicombe Lodge, Kingswear Road, Hillhead EBF-3 to EBF-482/1
34 St John the Baptist Church, Littlehempston, Grattons Lane, Littlehempston EBG-1 to EBG-187
35 Loddiswell Village Hall, South Brent Road, Loddiswell EBH-1 to EBH-911/1
36 Malborough Village Hall Annexe, Collaton Road, Malborough EBI-1 to EBI-876/1
37 Marldon Village Hall, Village Road, Marldon EBJ-1 to EBJ-1812/1
38 Modbury Memorial Hall, Back Street, Modbury EBK-1 to EBK-1519/3
39 Avon Vale Tennis & Croquet Club, Black Hall Lane, Avonwick EBL-1 to EBL-393
40 Rattery Village Hall, Rattery, South Brent EBM-1 to EBM-431
41 Ringmore Women's Institute Hall, Ringmore, Kingsbridge EBN-1 to EBN-173
42 Salcombe Holy Trinity Church, Church Street, Salcombe EBO-1 to EBO-1313
43 Slapton Village Hall, Wood Lane, Slapton EBP-1 to EBP-412
44 South Brent Village Hall, Station Approach, South Brent EBQ-1 to EBQ-223
45 South Bren tMethodist Church Hall No 1, Church Street, South Brent EBR-1 to EBR-1051
46 South Brent Methodist Church Hall No 2, Church Street, South Brent EBR-1052 to EBR-2085/2
47 Hope & Galmpton Village Hall, Galmpton, Kingsbridge EBS-1 to EBS-343/1
48 South Milton Village Hall, South Milton, Kingsbridge EBT-1 to EBT-322/3
49 South Pool Village Hall, Herring Street, South Pool EBU-1 to EBU-104/1
50 Landscove Victory Hall, Landscove, Ashburton EBV-1 to EBV-644/1
51 Stoke Fleming Village Hall, Dartmouth Road, Stoke Fleming EBW-1 to EBW-1065
52 Stoke Gabriel Village Hall, School Hill, Stoke Gabriel EBX-1 to EBX-1209/1
53 Stokenham Parish Hall, Carehouse Cross, Stokenham EBY-1 to EBY-744/3
54 Chillington Village Hall, Tanpits Lane, Chillington EBZ-1 to EBZ-930
55 Strete Parish Hall, Hynetown Road, Strete ECA-1 to ECA-409
56 Thurlestone Parish Hall, Main Street, Thurlestone ECB-1 to ECB-699
57 St. John's Church Hall (1), Bridgetown ECC-1 to ECC-1055
58 St. John's Church Hall (2), Bridgetown ECC-1056 to ECC-2109
59 Totnes Civic Hall (1), High Street, Totnes ECD-1 to ECD-457/2
60 Totnes Civic Hall (2), High Street, Totnes ECE-2 to ECE-1173
61 Totnes Civic Hall (3), High Street, Totnes ECE-1174 to ECE-2322
62 Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes Devon ECF-1 to ECF-1330/4
63 West Alvington Village Hall, Townsend Road, West Alvington ECG-1 to ECG-449/1
64 St. Mary's Church, Woodleigh, Kingsbridge ECH-1 to ECH-153/3
T65 St Georges Church, Barn Road, Paignton BA-3 to BA-566/1 BD-1 to BD-41
T66 Hookhills Community Centre, Freshwater Drive, Paignton BB-1 to BB-1650/2
T67 Mobile Station at Davies Avenue, Davies Avenue, Paignton BC-1 to BC-1519/1
T68 Galmpton Village Hall, Greenway Road, Brixham BE-1 to BE-1011/4
T69 Churston Library, Broadsands Road, Paignton BF-1 to BF-1167/1
T70 The Parkers Arms, 343 Totnes Road, Paignton EA-1 to EA-1603
T71 Beefeater Restaurant, Whiterock, Long Road South EB-1 to EB-839
T72 Higher Brixham Community Centre, 1-3 Poplar Close, Brixham GA-1 to GA-1213/1
T73 Central Garage Showroom, Milton Street, Brixham GB-1 to GB-1089/1
T74 Scala Hall(Market Street entrance), Brixham Town Hall, Market Street GC-1 to GC-1918
T75 Scala Hall(Market Street entrance), Brixham Town Hall, Market Street GD-1 to GD-1001
T76 Brixham Cricket Club Pavilion, 63 North Boundary Road, Brixham GE-1 to GE-1797
T77 Brixham Bowling Club Pavilion, Nelson Road, Brixham GF-1 to GF-879/1
T78 St Boniface Church Hall, Belfield Road, Paignton IA-1 to IA-1570/1 IB-1 to IB-92/1
T79 St Boniface Church Hall, Belfield Road, Paignton IC-1 to IC-1488/1
T80 Great Parks Community Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Paignton ID-1 to ID-1441/2
T81 Great Parks Community Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Paignton IE-1 to IE-946
T82 St Marys Park Bowling Club, St Marys Park, Upton Manor Road NA-1 to NA-2108/4
T83 Brixham Rugby Club, Astley Park, Rea Barn Road NB-1 to NB-1461
T84 Brixham Rugby Club, Astley Park, Rea Barn Road NC-1 to NC-1764/1

Dated Friday 7 June 2024
Andrew Jonathan Bates
Acting Returning Officer

Notice of Election Agents


Election of a Member of Parliament for South Devon on Thursday 4 July 2024

I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the names of election agents of the candidates at this election, and the addresses of the offices or places of such election agents to which all claims, notices, writs, summons, and other documents addressed to them may be sent, have respectively been declared in writing to me as follows:

Name of Candidate Name of Election Agent Offices of Election Agent
Michael Norman
Michael Norman
48 Icy Park 
Aveton Gifford 
Robert Charles
(Commonly Known As: Robert Bagnall)
9 Argyle Terrace 
(Commonly Known As: Becca Collings)
22 Sawmill Close 
Baltic Wharf 
South Devon Conservative Association Unit 3
23 Fore Street 
Daniel John
Lewis James
2 Oxford Lane 
Caroline Jane
43 Fore Street 

Dated Friday 7 June 2024
Andrew Jonathan Bates
Acting Returning Officer