Pre Application and Validation Checking Service

The Council offers two services to assist you with submitting a valid planning application, and cut down on the number of invalid applications that we receive.

Our pre-application service is a scheme aimed at giving applicants, architects and developers clear advice about whether the Council would be likely to support a proposal.

It is important to note that this service is for the provision of advice - it is not an approval service and all advice is given without prejudice to any decision the Council may make on any subsequent application.

Open and constructive pre-application discussions are an opportunity for the Council and applicants to work together to achieve developments that deliver benefits to the individual, community, environment and the economy. This can save time and costs and optimise the potential of a site.

Benefits of pre-application enquiries and discussions include:

  • Saving time and resources;
  • Raising the quality of development;
  • Speeding up the validation process;
  • Gaining community acceptance through engagement;
  • Reducing the number of unsuccessful planning applications;
  • Identifying the need for specialist input earlier;
  • Provide sufficient information to support final application.

For more information, please see Before you Apply.