To report a dead animal, please use the Report It Form.

What pests do we treat?

Pest control treatment for rats and mice is free of charge for domestic premises.

We do not treat commercial or non-domestic properties.

To report an issue, please use this form. Report a Pest Problem Form

What we do not treat?

We do not treat bees, squirrels, pigeons, seagulls, moles, or ants.

What about insects?

We can also pass your details on to our contractor who will treat fleas, wasps and hornets for a fee.

For prices and more information on our contractor please visit Propest Solutions.

I have a pest problem that isn't covered here?

The British Pest Control Association website may have more information regarding your pest and contractors who can treat it. 

You can also visit the National Pest Control Technicians Association website for more information.