Off Street Parking Places Order

An Off Street Parking Order is the legal basis for providing parking spaces, setting appropriate charges, and enforcing restrictions.

You can read our main Off Street Parking Places Order by downloading the PDF below:


Updates to the Off Street Parking Places Order

You can read our most recent update to the Off Street Parking Places Order by downloading the documents below:


Dartmouth Park and Ride Public consultation

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Our service review of the Park and Ride has been carried out to meet current demand and to support the town’s needs while reducing the total cost of the service. 

The proposed service would run in the height of the summer season from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. between Saturday 25 May until Sunday 15 September.

We would also provide a service over the peak Easter holidays and the busy Dartmouth Music Festival, Regatta and Food Festival periods. (For Regatta Saturday only the service would also run until 11 p.m.)

Outside of the Park and Ride timetable, improved access to the Park and Ride and Health Hub will be provided by the 92 public bus service which we have negotiated with Stagecoach to make sure a service is provided into the Park & Ride site at our bus stop for easier public access to the Health Hub.

Whilst reviewing this service, it is also proposed to review the pay & display and permit charges at Park & Ride.  This Notice of Proposal therefore proposes to amend the pay & display charges at the Park & Ride and the permit charges as well as introducing a monthly workers Dartmouth Park & Ride permit. 

More details of the proposal can be found in the documents below