Individual Vehicle Permits

Permits are issued in specific towns and villages.

  • Town centre permits are valid in specific town centre car parks.
  • Peripheral permits are valid in car parks within the outskirts of a specific town.
  • Rural permits are valid in particular car parks in rural locations.

If you would like to buy an individual vehicle permit, please use the button below:

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About our Permits

  • Permits are issued to one vehicle registration and allow the holder to park at any time in any of the car parks listed for that permit below.
  • Permits are only valid in the town/village selected and the allocated car parks within that area. For example, a Totnes town centre permit is not valid in Kingsbridge.
  • Permits do not guarantee the right to a bay in any particular car park and does not allow parking in reserved bays.
  • Your vehicle must be taxed in order to validate your parking permit.
  • Permits are now virtual, except Business and Dartmouth Park & Ride permits.
  • Parking is permitted 24 hours a day for the duration of the permit (except Resident's Permits), except during events. You will be notified about these in advance.
  • Parking permits may not be sold onto or rented out to a third party by the Parking Permit Holder at the intended or increased price under any circumstances.
  • Permits are non-refundable.

To purchase a permit, please refer to the introduction.

Parking Permits (All)

Dartmouth Town Centre

✔ Valid in Mayors Avenue Car Park (except reserved bays)

✔ 6 months = £380.00

✔ 12 months = £576.00

Only available to pre-existing Town Centre Permit Holders.

Dartmouth Park and Ride

✔ Valid in Dartmouth Park and Ride only

✔ 12 months - £192.00

✔ Includes bus travel (when the bus is running)


✔ Valid in Leonards Road

✔ 6 months = £152.00

✔ 12 months - £230.00

Kingsbridge Town Centre

✔ Valid in the Quay and Duncombe Park car parks

✔ 6 months = £304.00

✔ 12 months = £460.00

Kingsbridge Peripheral

✔ Valid in Cattle Market and Lower Union Road Car Parks

✔ 6 months = £152.00

✔ 12 months = £230.00


✔ Valid in Poundwell Meadow

✔ 6 months = £190.00

✔ 12 months - £288.00


✔ Valid in Shadycombe Car Park (October to March), Creek (April to September), and North Sands Car Park (year round).

✔ 6 months = £323.00

✔ 12 months = £489.00

Only available to pre-existing Town Centre Permit Holders.


✔ Valid in Slapton Memorial, Strete Gate, Torcross Tank Car Parks and Torcross Village lay-by

✔ 6 months = £209.00

✔ 12 months - £316.00

Totnes Town Centre

✔ Valid in The Nursery, Old Market, Heath Way and North Street Car Parks

✘ NOT valid in Heath's Nursery Car Park

✔ 6 months = £228.00

✔ 12 months = £345.00

Totnes Peripheral

✔ Valid in Longmarsh, Steamer Quay and Pavilions Car Parks

✘ NOT valid in Pavilions Short Stay area

✔ 6 months = £152.00

✔ 12 months = £230.00