Individual Area Business Permits

If you only need to park in one town, our individual permits may suit you better.

What is an Individual Area Business Permit?

  • An Individual Area Business Permit is a paper permit that must be displayed in the windscreen of a vehicle.
  • The permit can be sold to named businesses rather than issued to an individual vehicle registration. This would allow you to transfer the permit between vehicles.
  • Parking permits may not be sold onto or rented out to a third party by the Parking Permit Holder at the intended or increased price under any circumstances.
  • Permits are non-refundable.

Please use the button below to apply for your permit:

Apply for a Permit

All business permits will be sent to the address registered on your online account.

Please note - If you would like to put the name of your business on the permit, enter this in the Vehicle Registration (VRM) box. Please also be aware that you need to complete all the fields below the VRM, including the Make, Model, Colour and Type of your vehicle. This is not car specific so you can put anything in the boxes (do not use N/A).

They are available for the following towns:

Individual Area Business Permits


Cost: £1025.00

  • Mayors Ave (not valid in reserved bays)

 Only available to pre-existing Town Centre Business Permit Holders.

Dartmouth Park and Ride

Cost: £555.00

  • Park and Ride
  • Includes bus travel (when running)



  • Leonards Road Car Park


Cost: £820.00

  • Cattlemarket
  • Duncombe Park
  • Lower Union Road
  • Quay


Cost: £512.00

  • Poundwell Meadow, Modbury


Cost: £871.00

  • Creek (Apr - Sep, not valid in reserved bays)
  • North Sands
  • Shadycombe, Salcombe (Oct - Mar, not valid in reserved bays)

Only available to pre-existing Town Centre businesses.

Slapton and Torcross

Cost: £820.00

  • Slapton Memorial
  • Strete Gate
  • Torcross Tank
  • Torcross Village Lay-by


 Cost: £615.00

  • Heath Way
  • Longmarsh
  • North Street
  • The Nursery
  • Old Market
  • Pavilions (long stay only, not valid in reserved bays)
  • Steamer Quay

This permit is not valid in Heaths Nursery or Victoria Street car parks.