Dittisham parking permits are exclusive to residents of the Dittisham Parish only.

The permits are designed to enable Dittisham residents the option to park in local car parks at a concessionary rate.

What is a Dittisham parking permit?

There are three Dittisham parking permits.

You can apply for a maximum of two permits per household and only one vehicle can be registered per permit.

Once you have applied for the first permit (Dittisham Residents Permit) and the application has been accepted, you may apply for a second permit either:

  1. Dittisham The Ham, or 
  2. Dittisham The Ham and The Level (charge applies), but not both.

The permits are as follows:

  • Dittisham Residents Permit - This allows you to park in The Level and The Ham car park. This is free.
  • Dittisham The Ham - This allows you to park in The Ham car park. This is free.
  • Dittisham The Ham and The Level - This allows you to park in Dittisham The Ham and The Level car park. This costs £100.00.

To apply for a Dittisham parking permit use the link below:

Apply now

Please be aware that you will need to submit a copy of your council tax bill and V5C as part of your application. You can upload it during your application. Please send a copy to parking@swdevon.gov.uk.

You will need to submit this information each time you apply for or renew a permit.