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Nuisance - What it is and How to Report it

Making a Noise Nuisance Complaint

If you are having problems with noise, we can help - and we may be able to take action if a 'statutory nuisance' can be proved.

Someone Has Made a Noise Complaint About Me

If you have received a complaint from your neighbour or a letter from us complaining that you are making too much noise then the advice below may help.

Bonfires and Smoke Pollution

Find advice and information about bonfires and how to avoid smoke pollution here

Nuisance Odours

Complaints about smells and how the council will deal with them.

Drainage and Nuisance Flooding

This section includes information about drainage and flooding problems, and what the council can help with.

Anti-Social Behaviour and Nuisance

Find out about what Anti-Social Behaviour is, and how to get help if you are having problems in your community.

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