A group of hands clustered around a representation of the earth, made from grass and moss. The hands are carefully cradling the earth, as if they are caring for it together.

Council Prioritising climate and biodiversity action

Climate change and biodiversity issues are high on the agenda for the new administration at South Hams District Council, with a pledge of £40,000 to support the work of Sustainable South Hams and the formation of a new council advisory panel for climate matters.

28 June 2023
A photo of the five members of the senior leadership team, receiving their award. They are smiling broadly at the camera and have their arms round each other's shoulders.

Prestigious award for leading the way

It's gold for South Hams and West Devon! We're delighted to have won a prestigious MJ Achievement Award for the important work being done to make a difference in our communities.

26 June 2023