Be careful with hemlock water dropwort

Please be careful and avoid contact with a plant which we have found growing at some waterside locations in Totnes. Although Hemlock Water Dropwort is not poisonous to the touch, it is poisonous to humans and dogs if eaten. Contact with the sap can also cause a rash and blistering.

To alert the public we are putting up signs at places where the plant has been found, such as Longmarsh, Steamer Quay, Vire Island, and riverside paths north of Totnes Bridge and Brutus Bridge.

We are currently seeking advice from specialists to help us decide what next steps need to be taken to manage the plant.

Hemlock Water Dropwort is native to the UK and a common plant. It grows in damp conditions and benefits pollinators and wildlife. It is easily confused with flat leaved parsley, water parsnip or water celery, and should not be foraged or consumed.