We've Listened to Local Concerns on Dartmouth Health Hub

A three-week consultation with residents was held in March 2023, and concern was raised from those who responded.

In addition to issues presented from our three Dartmouth and East Dart ward councillors, we have listened and have made changes to the original plans.

As well as the two 20-minute patient drop off bays, an additional eight free one-hour parking spaces have been proposed and agreed. Blue badge holders will also benefit from an additional free hour parking at the one-hour parking bays.

Following the discussion, an additional proposal was agreed to review this again in six months and 12 months' time. This will allow councillors to monitor how this is working for the community and what, if anything, may need changing.

Cllr Victor Abbott, our Executive Member for Community Services and Operations, said: "We have been talking to residents to listen to their concerns and in response to those, we have added eight completely free parking spaces each for one hour. We anticipate these will cover the average appointment at the hub. We have built two review periods over the next twelve months so we can continue to monitor how the parking situation is working in real terms and we will evaluate, and review based on the feedback we receive at those times. We are committed to working with our residents and councillors."

Councillors Ged Yardy, Jonathan Hawkins and Ben Cooper, Ward Members for Dartmouth and East Dart, expressed an opposing viewpoint: "We are disappointed in the decision due to the impact on residents during the ongoing cost of living crisis, particularly with access to NHS services, sports facilities and the charging for the Park and Ride during the winter period when there is no 'ride' service. We look forward to contributing to the planned robust review in six months' time based upon actual usage."