Trial Schedule for Popular Lower Ferry Announced

Usually, the popular Dartmouth Lower Ferry reduces to one float after a busy summer period for the entire winter. However, this year changes are afoot.

A new trial is set to take place with two ferries working over the busiest times during the winter period in response to community demand.

This means the ferry will only drop to the usual single running to allow for the Maritime Coastguard Agency safety inspections to take place.

These essential inspections on each of the tugs and floats make sure they are first and foremost safe and fit for all passengers, but also that the annual passenger certificate continues.

The new single and double winter ferry timetable will be as follows, so please make a note:

Single ferry running for winter refit

  • Monday 30 October – Sunday 10 December

Double ferry running

  • Monday 11 December – Sunday 4 February

Single ferry running for winter refit

  • Monday 5 February – Sunday 17 March

The usual service will restart again on Monday 18 March.

There are two floats in total, two named Tom I and II and three named Hauley IV, V and VI and they all need to be kept in tip-top condition to help keep the District’s traffic moving from side to side.

The first float, Hauley VI is currently being refitted for six weeks, followed by Hauley V in November. Hauley IV will start its refit later in the year.

Our Executive Member for Community Services; Operations and Leisure, Cllr Victor Abbott said: “This is a new trial and is in direct response to what our community wants. Everyone wants to be able to travel seamlessly for shopping and work get togethers in the run up to Christmas, to visit friends and family too. This way our team will continue to run double ferries over the busiest seasonal period and will still do all the necessary safety checks that need to be carried out annually.

“There’s no doubt the safety of our passengers and staff is a massive concern so annual refits are an essential part of the smooth running of the service. It is a trial period, so we will evaluate it and see how it has worked and then make a decision based on the evidence.”

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