Totnes Skatepark Location Decision with Local Residents

The difficult decision on which of the two Totnes Borough Park sites the skatepark will be placed at will be decided once residents have had a final say in a conclusive consultation. 

We have been working with local partners, residents and the skating community for several years to move past a stalemate on the whereabouts of the exciting, proposed development. 

We understand the clear need and demand for a modern, fit-for-purpose facility for the skating community in Totnes and want to reach a decision on the proposed location so that they can work with the community to find the remaining funding required to deliver the new skatepark. 

Two Borough Park sites remain the proposed locations for a skatepark within this key and central recreational site for the town. There are currently no other identified practical locations for a skatepark within Totnes. Even within Borough Park, we are working within many restrictions such as noise, trees, and competing and conflicting objectives for the same space. 

Our Executive Member for Open Spaces, Cllr Victor Abbott, said: "We encourage residents, users of Borough Park and of course skatepark users to have their say in this consultation to inform our final decision. We can then move forward with the skating community with the exciting plans for the design and continued fundraising for the new skatepark. 

"So, if you do have an opinion about why one of the two proposed locations is better than the other, please do respond." 

The consultation is now open until Thursday 12 October. Find it at or via our social media.