Street Trading

Find information about street trading including permission, restrictions, and exemptions.

Street trading is the selling of or offering to sell things in the street.  A street includes:

  • Any road, footway, beach or other area to which the public have access without payment
  • A service area as defined in section 329 of the Highways Act 1980

This also includes any part of a street.


A Street Trading Licence will be required for areas of Ivybridge and the Beach area of Torcross. 

Land Ownership

If you wish to trade on an area of land then you will need to obtain full permission from whoever owns that land.

(Restrictions apply - see above)

For information about the use of council-owned land, please use the link: Using Council Land

For information about the use of any highway you'll need to contact Devon County Council Highways Department to get their consent.  You can telephone them on 0345 155 1004 or email:


There are some types of street trading that legally don't need consent.  These are:

  • Shops and petrol filling stations that sell goods in the street adjoining their premises
  • Pedlars Certificate
  • Roundsmen
  • Markets or fairs where the right is granted through any enactment or order.

If you're carrying out a charitable street collection including those with one or two tables selling items to raise money solely for the charity then you won't need a street trading consent.  You will however need a Charitable Street Collection Permit