Temporary Gambling

Information about temporary gambling, occasional use notices and temporary use notices.

In certain circumstances, premises which do not hold a gambling premises licence may be used for betting or equal chance gaming, by serving either an occasional use notice or a temporary use notice on the Council as licensing authority.

Occasional Use Notices

  • An Occasional Use Notice (OUN) permits licensed betting operators (with appropriate permission from the Gambling Commission) to use tracks with no betting licence to conduct betting on events of a temporary or infrequent nature
  • An OUN may only be used if betting is to take place for no more than eight days per calendar year on the track
  • The events administrator or occupier of the track must serve the OUN on the licensing authority and a copy given to the police. Providing that the 8-day limit has not been exceeded, no objection may be made to the notice.
  • No fee is required.

Remember, if alcohol is to be sold at the event, a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) may be required.

For further information please go to the Temporary Event Notice webpage.

Temporary Use Notices

  • A Temporary Use Notice (TUN) may be granted to a person or company holding a relevant operating licence and permits the use of premises for gambling where there is no gambling premises licence
  • These include hotels, exhibition centres, conference centres and sporting venues
  • TUNs may only be used to permit the provision of facilities for equal chance gaming, such as backgammon, dominoes, cribbage, bingo and poker etc
  • The same set of premises may not be the subject of a TUN (or several TUNs) for more than a total of 21 days in any 12-month period.

Further requirements

A TUN must be given to the Licensing Authority at least three months before the event will begin.

Copies must be sent to:

  • The Gambling Commission
  • The police
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • If applicable, any other Licensing Authority in whose area the premises are situated

The Licensing Authority and bodies above may give a notice of objection if they deem appropriate. If an objection is received a hearing will be held to make a determination.

While the gambling is taking place, a copy of the TUN endorsed by the Licensing Authority must be displayed prominently on the premises.

There is a fee of £500 for a Temporary Use Notice.

How do I apply?

To apply for a Temporary or Occasional Use Notice, please email licensing@swdevon.gov.uk