Using Council Land

Find out how to book an event on Council land.

Booking an Event

Most car parks, parks and gardens are available to be used for community events. If you want to book Council land for an event, find out how below.

How do I book an event?

It is important that if you are planning an event on Council land that you consider carefully how you will put on a safe and enjoyable event. To assist in this, we have produced a guide which you can download below:

You can check whether the Council owns the land using our Interactive Mapping.

If you know the land is owned by the Council then please use the button below.

Please note this application is for use of Council land only. If you require a Temporary Events Notice (as per the Events Policy) please contact Licensing.

Apply to book an event

What information do you need?

You will need to submit the following:

  • Proof of Public Liability insurance for a minimum of £5,000,000
  • Risk Assessment
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Site Plan

We require a minimum of 28 days' notice in advance of any proposed event. If an application is submitted with less than 28 days' notice, it will automatically be refused.

How much will it cost?

Current fees can be viewed on our licensing fees page.

Payment is required when completing the application. Please select EVENT BOOKING from the drop-down list of payment options on our Payments page.

Occasionally, where it is deemed that the Council land is being used for a commercial purpose, a formal Licence to occupy may be more suitable and an appropriate Licence fee may be payable.

What spaces are available?

  • Dartmouth

    • North Embankment    (Please note commercial trading activity will not be permitted)
    • South Embankment    (Please note commercial trading activity will not be permitted)
  • Ivybridge

    • Woodlands Park
  • Kingsbridge

    • Duncombe Park
    • Kingsbridge Town Square
    • Recreation Ground
  • Salcombe

    • Cliff House Gardens
  • Totnes

    • Borough Park
    • Follaton House Gardens and Arboretum
    • Longmarsh
    • The Rotherfold
    • The Shady Garden (please note this area is unavailable on Fridays and Saturdays)
    • Totnes Market Square
    • Vire Island
    • Steamer Quay