Outdoor seating is one way that businesses can operate safely, while giving customers as much space as possible. If businesses do not have sufficient space of their own, they can apply for a licence to use nearby adopted highway to help them do so, where appropriate.

The Council is now accepting applications for temporary pavement licences to adopted highway. This guide will give you details on how to apply and the information you need to provide as part of your application.

Government guidance and legislation has now been extended, allowing hospitality businesses to apply to use appropriate parts of the pavement until end of September 2024.

If you wish to place an outside seating area on an adopted road, footpath or pavement, you would normally need to apply to Devon County Council for permission. However, this Council is now tasked with granting temporary Covid-19 Pavement Licences, for this extended recovery period. Please use this application process below for pavement licences for use of the adopted highway.

How can I apply?

Please use the button below to send us your application. Please make sure you have read the Guidance Notes and the Terms and Conditions in this guide before submitting your application.

Apply for a Temporary Pavement Licence