Information for Care Leavers

If you are aged 18-21 and you were in care on or before your 16th birthday, in care for at least 13 weeks before your 14th birthday and you were in care at some point while you were 16 or 17 years old, please read the information below.

Further information for Care Leavers about the support available to you and your housing options is available from Stand Up Speak Up and from Young Devon.

If you are homeless or at risk or at risk of homelessness you can contact a member of the Housing Options Team - use the online form here. They will work with you to develop a Personal Housing Plan to help you resolve your housing difficulty, and provide you with written advice tailored for your needs.

Housing Options for Care Leavers in this area vary and we will work with you and your Personal Advisor to identify the right option for you. This could include:

  • Staying where you are. If you are living with a foster family and do not feel ready to move on and live more independently yet then it may be possible for you remain there.
  • Supported accommodation. This can be a valuable stepping stone from a family setting into more independent accommodation. There are a number of different supported accommodation options available in the local area to meet different support needs.
  • Living independently. We can advise you on how to register for social housing at Devon Home Choice and give you detailed advice on accessing private rented accommodation locally.