Former members of the Regular Armed Forces

Joint Service Housing Advice Office

If you are leaving the Armed Forces and you do not have accommodation available to you can contact the Joint Service Housing Advice Office

The JSHAO has a number of resources about your housing options once you have left the Forces, including the Veterans Gateway.

Soldiers' Sailors and Airmens' Families Association (SSAFA) and the Royal British Legion

In addition to the JSHAO, organisations such as SSAFA and the Royal British Legion may be able to help with advice and support. SSAFA and the Royal British Legion have extensive experience in dealing with the issues that can affect Armed Forces Personnel and their families, as well as helping with housing support.

 Find your local Royal British Legion Branch here.

 Contact your local SSAFA Branch here.

Do Armed Forces Personnel get preference for housing?

The Local Housing Allocations scheme Devon Home Choice is required to give reasonable preference to people leaving the Armed Forces if they meet the relevant criteria. Please follow the link to register if you are interested in accessing social housing.

Despite this, social housing in this area is limited. It is a good idea to consider other options such as private rented accommodation. For more information on this please visit the Housing Advice section of our website.

If you are homeless or at risk or at risk of homelessness you can contact a member of the Housing Advice Team using the form on this page. They will work with you to develop a Personal Housing Plan to help you resolve your housing difficulty and provide you with written advice tailored to your needs.