If you cannot afford to rent or buy a home on the open market, affordable or low-cost housing could help.

What is affordable housing?

Affordable housing is low-cost housing intended for people in housing need who can't afford to rent or buy on the open market.

It includes:

  • Affordable Rent
  • Affordable Home Ownership
  • Social Rented sector
  • Discount Market Sale

You can read the Rural Housing Alliance Guide to Rural Affordable Housing here.

What does 'affordable' mean?

'Affordable' refers to housing of any type that is considered to be affordable to local people on local incomes. This may mean lower than market value rents, shared ownership or reduced market sales.

The Council monitors income levels, house prices and rents in the area so that we can work out how many households can afford housing at different prices.

How can I find an affordable home?

You will need to apply to go on the housing register, Devon Home Choice. Go to Devon Home Choice and follow the registration process.

You can find organisations selling Shared Ownership homes on Gov.UK - Shared Ownership.