Can I sell or serve alcohol?

You will need a premises licence to sell or serve alcohol.

If you have an existing licence then you will need to check to see if it permits you to sell/supply alcohol in the new seating area.

If you need to make a temporary change to your licence to sell/supply alcohol in your new outside area, the Council is permitting most businesses to apply for a minor variation to your premises licence. This process takes between two and three weeks to complete and costs £89. Click here for further guidance on this process.

permanent change to your licence would require a full variation which takes a minimum of 28 days to approve.

If you don't have a licence then you will need to apply for a new premises licence. New premises licence applications take a minimum of 28 days to approve.

If you are unsure if you need to make changes to your premises licence, or you would like further advice on selling alcohol, please email the Licensing Team: