Annual Canvass for the Register of Electors

Every year we need to carry out an annual canvass to make sure the Electoral Register is correct.

In 2020 the annual canvass changed under The Representation of the People (Annual Canvass) (Amendment) Regulations 2019.

The details below explain how the canvass will be carried out this year. There will be two methods of checking that the register is up-to-date and accurate.

Step One - Data Matching

The Electoral Register is securely sent to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The DWP check the details against their database. Local data (e.g. Council Tax records) will be used as a matching exercise too.

  • If all the registered people at a property match with DWP or local data, the property goes to Route 1 canvass and these properties will receive a letter (CCA).
  • If there are any people at a property that don't match, the property will go to Route 2 canvass and be sent a form (CF - 3 pages) to complete and return.

Step Two - Types of Communication

If you have been sent a letter (CCA)

If your details have matched with DWP records we will send a letter to your property. You do not need to respond unless the details are incorrect. You can add or remove someone from your property by using the link below: 

Household Response

Use the security codes on the letter to log in and complete the information. 

If you have been sent a form (CF - 3/4 pages) to complete

  • If your details have not matched with DWP records we will post a form to the property. The form will have any electors listed that we have currently registered.  We will send a blank form if the property is empty.
  • We need a response to this form even if there are no changes to report.
  • You can add or remove someone's name from the property. Please use the link below:

    Household Response

     Use the security codes to log in and complete any changes. If you add any new people, they will also need to complete a registration application. They can do this at GOV.UK - Register to vote. We will send each newly added person an Invitation to Register (ITR) form if they do not apply online.

  • If you have no changes, you can respond by calling 0800 197 9871 for the automated telephone service, or you can post the form to:

    Electoral Registration Officer
    South Hams District Council
    Follaton House
    Plymouth Road
    TQ9 5NE

    A pre paid envelope is included with the form.

  • If we do not receive a response, we will make every attempt to get a response from you. This may be via reminder forms, calling you or visiting your property.

Electors aged 76 or over

If someone in your household is aged 76 or over, but this is not indicated on the canvass communication you can amend these details online using the link below: 

Household Response

 You can also amend the canvass communication and return it using the envelope above.

The electoral register is used to select people for jury service, but if you are aged 76 or over you are not eligible to be a juror. We have to note this on the electoral register so that you are not selected for jury service. If you are under 76 and exempt for other reasons you should not tick the box as this will be dealt with separately by the courts.

ITR (Invitations to Register) Forms

We will send any additions an ITR form to complete for registration. This form helps us to confirm a person's identity so we can add them to the electoral register.

You can help us to save money by registering online as soon as possible.

This is also the quickest and safest way to send us your personal information.

We will send a reminder to anyone who does not respond to an ITR form. If you have not registered, a canvasser might visit your home to collect your information.

Your Personal Information

We will only use the information you give us for electoral purposes. We look after personal information securely and follow the Data Protection Act 2018.  We will not give your personal information to anyone else, unless we must by law. You can view the Privacy Policy here or request a copy.