Our online service lets you access your Council Tax account, check your balance and payments, apply for a discount and more.
How to pay your council tax online, by direct debit or in person at your nearest PayPoint
The amount of Council Tax you have to pay is based on the value of your home and the number of adults who live there.
Some people can claim a discount or exemption on their Council Tax, depending on their circumstances. If you are on a low income, please see Council Tax Reduction.
If you have moved house recently, whether into, out of or within the area, please let us know here.
If you are concerned about making your Council Tax payments, you can find out more information here.
If you are on low income, you may be able to apply for Council Tax Reduction (CTR) to reduce the amount you have to pay.
Find out here about how to register a new property or properties for Council Tax
Find out how your Council Tax is distributed and what each Authority spends money on.
You may have received an Attachment of Earnings Order from us for one of your staff. Find out more here.
There are different rules if part or all of your property is used for business purposes; find out more here.
Sometimes Landlords are responsible for council tax, and sometimes Tenants are. You can find out more here.
Vulnerable people may need reasonable adjustments when dealing with Council Tax. Find out more here.
If you get into payment difficulties and you cannot afford your payments you should contact Council Tax team as soon as possible.
Residents should beware of a scam offering fake Council Tax refunds in an attempt to get bank account details.
How to appeal your liability to pay Council Tax, or your Council Tax banding.
Find out what powers Enforcement Agents have when they visit your home, and what you need to do.