Discretionary Discounts

Council Tax Discretionary Discounts are intended to provide temporary assistance to Council Tax payers to help reduce their council tax in exceptional circumstances. 

The operation of the policy is wholly at the discretion of the Council.

To apply you:

  • Must be the person liable for council tax;
  • Must be experiencing exceptional personal circumstances;
  • Must have taken all reasonable steps to increase your household income and/or reduce outgoings;
  • Must have already claimed all eligible reductions and discounts towards your council tax bill.

We will look at your application and decide if:

  • You should receive help towards your council tax,
  • How much help you will receive and,
  • For how long this help will be given - this support is not intended to be given for long or indefinite periods.

Please fully read the Council Tax Discretionary Discount Policy before contacting us to start an application. 

If you wish us to consider your application, please email us on council.tax@swdevon.gov.uk stating why you need assistance.  We will then reply with advice on the next steps you need to take.