Reopening your Business Safely

As an employer, owner or manager of a business, you will need to ensure that your workplace is a safe environment for all - making it COVID-19 secure.

We want to help and support businesses through their re-opening and managing the risks that they will be presented with. The Heart of the South West - Growth Hub has a COVID-19 toolkit to assist businesses in re-opening by providing a comprehensive resource of guidance, model procedures, templates and useful checklists to help business owners protect staff, customers and themselves.

Reopening Toolkit

If you are a food business we would recommend you also refer to the food business guidance in section 6, which provide links to the Food Standards Agency web page.

There is useful information and re-opening checklists that cover pest control and also changes to your business model if you are planning to add takeaways as part of your offer.

Section 3 of the toolkit covers information about the things to consider when reopening your buildings for the first time since you closed at the end of March. There are a number of documents which covers the building services e.g. waste management, pest control, legionella, water and gas supplies, fire safety etc.

This will assist you in preparing to reopen your business to ensure it is safe to reopen for your staff and customers.

Staff Training

Make sure you arrange training/briefing sessions with your staff so that they fully understand the risk assessments and the new procedures before opening. Walk through scenarios with your staff to identify any gaps in your risk assessments and safe systems of work.

This will also help staff to be confident when dealing with any customer concerns and reassure the public that your business is a safe place to visit. The 'Talking with your workers' HSE document may help you with this.

HSE - Talking with your Workers

Ensure your staff are also familiar with your premises licence and the conditions attached to your licence.

Please ensure you are able to comply with your licence conditions with your new model of operation.

Further information can be found on our Licensing Pages.

How do I Dispose of any Waste Beer/Alcohol?

If large volumes of beer are poured down the drain then it may injure South West Water's sewers and they could take formal action under section 111 of the Water Industry Act.

South West Water have asked you to contact them at providing your contact details and premises address with a description of how you intend to dispose of the waste beer and why? They would like to know what product/s you wish to dispose of and how many litres.

The Trade Effluent team will then decide if the amounts will cause issues or affect the waste treatment plants, and advise how to dispose of this waste.

Where can I get more information?

There are other sources of constantly updated advice and guidance:

If you require any specific advice, or have concerns about the operation of a business, you can e-mail