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At a meeting of the South Hams Executive on 16 September Councillors received an update on the waste and recycling situation in South Hams and have reluctantly agreed to keep the suspension of garden waste in place. The Executive will review the situation when they meet again on 14 October.

Community Broadband

Do you need faster, more reliable broadband? We are working with broadband suppliers to help communities get faster connections to homes and businesses.


Community Broadband

Do you need faster, more reliable broadband? 

We are working with broadband suppliers to help communities get faster connections to homes and businesses.

We want to hear from people keen to improve their broadband and those who would like to help drive the project forward. Please enter your details using the button below.

Register Your Interest Now

How Fast is Your Broadband?

Use the button below to test your broadband speed.

Check your Speed Now

If your download speed is above 30 Mbps, this is known as 'superfast' and you are doing alright, but it could still be much faster and more reliable. If it's below 30 Mbps you are falling behind.

Can I get Faster Broadband?

You may be eligible for £1,500 grant funding (£3,500 for a business) to secure gigabit capable broadband. That's download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps!

Use the button below to check if you are eligible for this scheme:

Check if You're Eligible

If you are eligible please enter your contact details above so we can gauge interest in your area.

If you are not eligible for a voucher it means a broadband supplier is planning to bring fibre to your area. To find out which supplier it is please click on an image below to enter your postcode in each of the checkers below:

There are a number of other suppliers providing broadband connections in the area.  If none of the suppliers above cover your address, please enter your contact details above and we will look if there is another supplier for your area.

Broadband Universal Service Scheme

This is a government funded scheme to provide broadband to people who do not currently get access to what is defined as decent and affordable broadband.

You may be eligible for this scheme if:

  • If you do not have decent and affordable broadband. Decent is defined as a download speed of less than 10Mbps and upload of at least 1Mbps. Affordable is defined as costing no more than £46.40 a month.
  • If you are not due to get access through a publically funded scheme within the next 12 months.  You can establish this by checking if you are eligible for a gigabit voucher
  • You can't get a decent connection through a 4G Hub.

The Universal Service will fund £3,400 per premise that is eligible, but if more eligible premises in your area register their interest the funding may cover the full cost of the infrastructure build.

Please visit the Broadband Universal Service information page for more information on the USO scheme and to establish if you are eligible. 

If you are eligible you should register your interest.

Mobile Boost Scheme

Are you a business struggling with poor indoor mobile coverage? Connecting Devon and Somerset may be able to help. It has announced the expansion of the Mobile Boost Programme, which aims to upgrade indoor 4G coverage in "not-spot" areas.  

Businesses and households can apply for a voucher of up to £1200 towards the cost of one of a number of mobile signal booster options from a registered supplier. The value of the voucher will be dependent on the type of technology most suitable for the premises. Suppliers will be able to advise on the most appropriate option. Businesses and residents will be required to make a contribution to cover the cost of installation.  

For more information and to apply visit Connecting Devon and Somerset - Mobile Boost Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the button below to read some of the most commonly asked questions about the Community Broadband Scheme.

Read our FAQs here

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