Climate Change and Biodiversity Locality Fund

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Just like the Sustainable Community Locality Fund, this fund provides each District Councillor with a budget to enable them to support a wide range of projects to help us tackle our Climate and Ecological Emergency Declarations. The project should meet one of the objectives in the South Hams Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategy. These are:

  • Reducing carbon emissions from households, businesses or organisations, including community and voluntary groups
  • Supporting behaviour change and sustainable living 
  • Projects which will result in removal of carbon from the atmosphere through nature-based solutions or supporting improvements in biodiversity 
  • Providing education and awareness of the Climate and Ecological emergency through direct engagement with hard to reach groups and individuals
  • Projects which aim to help communities and species adapt to the effects of Climate Change 
  • Projects to help reduce organisational carbon footprints 

Each Councillor has a budget of £2,000 to help not for private profit groups or organisations to deliver community projects that benefit their Ward or the wider local area.