Do you need faster, more reliable broadband? 

We are working with broadband suppliers to help communities get faster connections to homes and businesses.

You might be able to improve your broadband already. We have developed an online tool to help you find out if you can improve your broadband and direct you to the right place to do so.

Please read the notes below before launching the tool:

  • The tool will take you through the different options for improving your broadband - these include fixed wireless, fibre, mobile and satellite. 
  • It will also guide you to which suppliers operate in our area. You will need to click on the links provided to the supplier websites to find out more information
  • Some of the content on the third party websites is misleading, but this is out of our control.  Please read the notes on each page which provide guidance
  • You are not able to go 'back' within the tool when you have moved to a new page. If you want to go back, you will need to launch the tool again and repeat the first steps.

If you have any trouble with the form, just keep clicking 'next' until you get to the feedback page and leave comments.

Launch the Online Tool