Benefit Fraud

Find out about Benefit Fraud, including what it is and how you can report it.

Benefit fraud is where people deliberately lie in order to make a claim for benefit or financial gain, or fail to report a change in their circumstances that would affect the amount they receive.

Benefit fraud is a criminal offence and where it is suspected, a dedicated team will investigate.

The Council is committed to the prevention, detection and investigation of benefit fraud in our area. We will take all action necessary to identify fraud and error if suspected. Where benefit fraud is proven, we actively pursue the recovery of any overpayment, and seek prosecution or penalties where applicable.

Types of Benefit Fraud

Examples include people who:

  • work but do not declare this when they make their claim for benefit;
  • claim as a single person but actually live with a partner;
  • have others living at their address and do not tell us;
  • claim for an address that they do not actually live at;
  • do not tell us about all of their income;
  • do not tell us about all of their savings;
  • say they are renting a property that they really own;
  • continue to claim benefit at an address they have actually left.

How can I report Benefit Fraud?

If you suspect someone is committing benefit fraud, you should report them straight away. You can either give us your name and address and we will keep this confidential, or you can report it anonymously.

Please supply as much information as possible, as this will help with the investigation.

Report Benefit Fraud