Situation of Polling Stations

Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Devon and Cornwall

Thursday 6 May 2021

Hours of Poll: 7.00 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Notice is hereby given

The situation of Polling Stations and the description of persons entitled to vote thereat are as follows:

Situation of Polling Station

Station Number

Ranges of electoral register numbers of persons entitled to vote thereat

Roborough Recreation Hall, New Road, Roborough


HAB-1 to HAB-655

The Woolwell Centre (1), Darklake Lane, Woolwell


HAC-1 to HAC-1164

The Woolwell Centre (2), Darklake Lane, Woolwell


HAC-1165 to HAC-2289

Community Room, Brixton St Mary's Voluntary Primary School,
Elliotts Hill


HAE-1 to HAE-1455

Community Room, Brixton St Mary's Voluntary Primary School,
Elliotts Hill


HAF-1 to HAF-282/2

Village Hall, School Lane, Cornwood


HAG-1 to HAG-869

Tea Room, Lukesland House, Harford


HAI-1 to HAI-68

Recreation Hall, Shaugh Prior, Plymouth


HAT-1 to HAT-452

Public Hall, Lee Moor, Plymouth


HAU-1 to HAU-216

Parish Hall, Sparkwell, Plymouth


HAV-1 to HAV-563

Congregational Chapel, Lee Mill, Ivybridge


HAW-1 to HAW-523

War Memorial Village Hall, Barton Close, Wembury


HBA-1 to HBA-1683

Silver Jubilee Hall, Down Thomas, Plymouth Devon


HBB-1 to HBB-763

Village Hall, Ashprington, Totnes


EAA-1 to EAA-379

Village Hall, Berry Pomeroy, Totnes


EAC-1 to EAC-349

Village Hall, Cornworthy, Totnes


EAJ-1 to EAJ-304

The Guildhall No. 1, Victoria Road, Dartmouth


EAL-1 to EAL-1193

The Guildhall No. 2, Victoria Road, Dartmouth


EAL-1194 to EAL-2427

Baptist Church Hall, Carey Road, Townstal


EAM-1 to EAM-1662

Parish Hall, Dittisham, Dartmouth


EAP-1 to EAP-326

Raddicombe Lodge, Kingswear Road, Hillhead


EBB-1 to EBB-480

Village Hall, Fore Street, Kingswear


EBC-1 to EBC-473

St John's Church, Littlehempston, Totnes


EBD-1 to EBD-205

Marldon Village Hall, Marldon


EBG-1 to EBG-1828

Village Hall, Stoke Gabriel, Totnes


EBS-1 to EBS-1182

Ivybridge Leisure Centre (3), Leonards Road, Ivybridge


HAK-1 to HAK-1891

Ivybridge Leisure Centre (4), Leonards Road, Ivybridge


HAK-1892 to HAK-3689

Ivybridge Leisure Centre (1), Leonards Road, Ivybridge


HAL-1 to HAL-1363

Ivybridge Leisure Centre (2), Leonards Road, Ivybridge

 27 A

HAM-1 to HAM-466

Woodlands Park Primary School (1), Abbot Road, Ivybridge


HAN-1 to HAN-1841

Woodlands Park Primary School (2), Abbot Road, Ivybridge


HAN-1842 to HAN-3466

Bittaford Community Hall, Jubilee Terrace, Bittaford, Ivybridge


HAY-1 to HAY-319

Bittaford Community Hall, Jubilee Terrace, Bittaford, Ivybridge


HAZ-1 to HAZ-1043

Village Hall, Blackawton, Totnes


EAD-1 to EAD-678

Village Hall, West Charleton, Kingsbridge


EAG-1 to EAG-442

Chivelstone Parish Community Hall, East Prawle, Kingsbridge


EAH-1 to EAH-232

Parish Hall, East Allington, Totnes


EAQ-1 to EAQ-592

Village Hall, East Portlemouth, Salcombe


EAR-1 to EAR-130

Village Hall, Appletree Close, Frogmore


EAS-1 to EAS-282/2

Village Hall, Sherford, Kingsbridge


EAT-1 to EAT-121

Kingsbridge & District Rest Centre, Adj. Quay House, Ilbert Road


EAY-1 to EAY-1590

Methodist Church Hall, Fore Street, Kingsbridge


EAZ-1 to EAZ-1729

Age Concern, Adjacent Quay House, The Quay


EBA-1 to EBA-1138

Village Hall, Slapton, Kingsbridge


EBK-1 to EBK-421

Church Hall, South Pool, Kingsbridge


EBP-1 to EBP-135

Village Hall, Stoke Fleming, Dartmouth


EBR-1 to EBR-918

Parish Hall, Stokenham, Kingsbridge


EBT-1 to EBT-760

Village Hall, Tanpits Lane, Chillington


EBU-1 to EBU-961

Parish Hall, Strete, Dartmouth


EBV-1 to EBV-418

Ledstone Farm, Ledstone, Kingsbridge


EAF-1 to EAF-153

Church Hall, Pump Lane, Churchstow


EAI-1 to EAI-429

Village Hall, Moreleigh, Totnes


EAU-1 to EAU-390

Village Hall, South Brent Road, Loddiswell


EBE-1 to EBE-892

The Annexe, Village Hall, Malborough


EBF-1 to EBF-834

Holy Trinity Church, Church Street, Salcombe


EBJ-1 to EBJ-1355

Hope & Galmpton Village Hall, Galmpton, Kingsbridge


EBN-1 to EBN-361

Village Hall, South Milton, Kingsbridge


EBO-1 to EBO-321

Parish Hall, Thurlestone, Kingsbridge


EBW-1 to EBW-713

Village Hall, West Alvington, Kingsbridge


ECB-3 to ECB-476

St. Mary's Church, Woodleigh, Kingsbridge


ECC-1 to ECC-148

Memorial Hall, Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge


HAA-1 to HAA-742

Memorial Hall, St. Ann's Chapel, Bigbury


HAD-1 to HAD-431

Reading Room, Kingston, Kingsbridge


HAO-1 to HAO-300

Memorial Hall, Back Street, Modbury


HAP-1 to HAP-1517

Women's Institute, Ringmore, Kingsbridge


HAS-1 to HAS-171

Village Hall, Scoriton, Buckfastleigh


EAE-1 to EAE-244

Village Hall, Dean Prior, Buckfastleigh


EAN-1 to EAN-169

Diptford Parish Hall, Diptford, Totnes


EAO-1 to EAO-491

Village Hall, Holne, Newton Abbot


EAX-1 to EAX-241

Avon Vale Tennis & Croquet Club, Black Hall Lane, Avonwick


EBH-1 to EBH-387

Village Hall, Rattery, South Brent


EBI-1 to EBI-435

Village Hall, Station Approach, South Brent


EBL-1 to EBL-227

Methodist Church Hall No 1, South Brent


EBM-1 to EBM-1054

Methodist Church Hall No 2, South Brent


EBM-1055 to EBM-2093

The Hub, Ermington Store & More, Church Street, Ermington


HAH-1 to HAH-699

Village Hall, Holbeton, Plymouth


HAJ-1 to HAJ-502

W.I. Community Hall, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth


HAQ-1 to HAQ-1112

Village Hall, Noss Mayo, Plymouth


HAR-1 to HAR-447

Village Hall, Ugborough, Ivybridge


HAX-1 to HAX-493

Yealmpton Community and Resource Centre, Stray Park, Yealmpton


HBC-1 to HBC-1871

Bridgetown Community Hall, Hope Close, Bridgetown


EAB-1 to EAB-605

Village Hall, Dartington, Totnes


EAK-1 to EAK-1619

Harberton Parish Hall, Tristford Road, Harberton


EAV-1 to EAV-567

Village Hall, Harbertonford, Totnes


EAW-1 to EAW-510

Victory Hall, Landscove, Ashburton


EBQ-1 to EBQ-639

The Civic Hall (3), Totnes


EBX-1 to EBX-498

St. John's Church Hall (1), Bridgetown, Totnes


EBY-1 to EBY-1191

St. John's Church Hall (2), Bridgetown, Totnes, Devon


EBY-1192 to EBY-2264

The Civic Hall (1), Totnes


EBZ-1 to EBZ-1251

The Civic Hall (2), Totnes, Devon


EBZ-1252 to EBZ-2450

Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes Devon


ECA-1 to ECA-1394


This poll is taken together with the election of Devon County Councillors for the electoral divisions in the South Hams Area, a South Hams District Council By-Election in the Ivybridge West Ward and Neighbourhood Plan Referendums in Aveton Gifford,  Kingswear, Kingston, South Huish and Strete,

Dated 16 April 2021

Andrew Jonathan Bates

Local Returning Officer

Printed and Published by the Local Returning Officer

Follaton House
Plymouth Road