A second home owner from Salcombe has impressed staff and councillors at South Hams District Council with a selfless act of generosity.

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Emma Cater, whose husband Symon works for South Hams District Council, is a Paramedic working from Kingsbridge Ambulance station. The couple live in Malborough with their two young children - Emma is currently on maternity leave.

Recently, Emma was contacted by a lady who owns a second home in Salcombe, who had cancelled her plans to visit her property at Easter in line with Government advice. In preparation for her visit, the second home owner had booked home delivery slots for her shopping - and wanted to donate those slots to NHS workers in the community.

The delivery slots alone would have been valuable enough, but the lady also insisted on paying for NHS workers' shopping!

Emma said: "I was absolutely astounded by this lady's offer. We hear so much about second home owners coming to the area and ignoring government advice, putting our communities at risk, and it's so frustrating.

"I'm so incredibly grateful to this one lady, who has acted sensibly in the first place by cancelling her holiday, and then gone above and beyond by supporting our community with this hugely generous offer.

"It's wonderful to see that some second home owners do love Salcombe as much as we do, and are prepared to make real sacrifices to support us." 

Over the past few days, Emma has arranged for four NHS staff to receive a home delivery of shopping that they would not otherwise have been able to book. One of the Nurses was so overwhelmed that she burst into tears. 

Cllr Judy Pearce, Leader of South Hams District Council and Ward Member for Salcombe and Thurlestone said: "It's all too easy in any crisis situation to focus on the negatives, but it's so important that we remember all the good people out there. I truly believe the helpers, the kind and the hard workers outnumber the selfish, so I'd like to thank them all. I'd especially like to thank this lady for supporting the community of Salcombe and our NHS staff. I hope that others are inspired by her kindness, and also her good sense in staying home and protecting our NHS."

The second home owner wishes to remain anonymous, but South Hams District Council offers our most heartfelt thanks

Issued 2 April 2020