Salcombe Harbour Board are restructuring the Harbour Dues charges in April this year. The new charging structure is much fairer and simpler than the current one.

Different types of vessel on the water in Salcombe Harbour including power boats and a dinghy.

Harbour Dues are charged so the Harbour Authority can carry out its statutory duties.  Some of these duties include:

  • the conservation of the harbour's environment and wildlife,
  • maintenance dredging, regular surveys of the underwater landscape,
  • the maintenance and positioning of navigation marks and beacons to edge channels and
  • the enforcement of harbour bye-laws.

This forms part of the harbour's responsibilities under the Port Marine Safety Code which also include staff training and oil spill emergency response as part of the harbour's Safety Management System. 

The current Harbour Dues are overly complicated with many classifications for different types and sizes of vessels, which is not fair to all users or applicable to today's boating trends.

A boat owner's Harbour Dues will now be based on the length and horsepower of the particular boat and engine registered, therefore the new and improved structure will be both simple and fairer.

The 2020 season's fees will be worked out at £7 per metre and 75p per horsepower, a sailing dinghy (without engine) will therefore solely pay for its length.  The exception to this rule, is all rowed craft, such as a canoe, kayak or paddleboard, which will be charged at £6 annually.

Salcombe Harbour Authority are keen to keep and enhance the character of Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary. They also wish to update harbour facilities to meet the needs and expectations of residents and visitors for the 21st century.

An example of the new annual charges, compared to current fees, is below.

Vessel example

Current Fees

April 2020 Fees

Human Powered SUP / Rowing / Kayak



Average Tender (3.2m / 15hp)



Large Tender (4.2m / 40hp)



Large Rib (8m / 300hp)



Average Sailing Yacht (11.4m / 30hp)



Large Fishing Boat (15m / 176hp)



Cllr Julian Brazil, Chairman of the Salcombe Harbour Board, said: "Protecting the environment is one of our top priorities. We are trying to reduce charges for sailing boats and other sustainably powered vessels.  At the same time we are increasing charges for larger engines.

"We hope this will encourage boats to use the estuary which are better for the environment. It will keep pollution, including noise pollution, to a minimum." 

The Harbour Authority will contact existing customers directly with further information about the changes.

Issued: 21 Jan 2020