Seven million tonnes of food waste each year in the UK. Quarter of the waste in our bin lorries, is food waste that could have been recycled.

Pumpkin Horror

End the horror this Hallowe'en and recycle your pumpkin.

As if Hallowe'en wasn't scary enough. Just think of all that food waste that could have been recycled.

This year you could make a huge difference to the amount of food waste produced in the South Hams, with one simple change: when you're finished with your pumpkin, either home compost it or put it in your brown bin.

Any kind of food waste can be placed in your brown bin, whether cooked or uncooked, and the material goes to make soil conditioner for use in farms around the UK. You can wrap your food waste in biodegradable food waste bags, or in newspaper if you prefer.

Cllr Keith Baldry, South Ham's District Council's Executive Member for Environment, said: "The real horror at Hallowe'en is the tragic waste of so many pumpkins, which could have been recycled into soil conditioner to grow more for next year. Around the South Hams we still see approximately a quarter of food waste placed in the grey bin, so by putting your pumpkin in the brown bin this year, you could make a real difference."

And if you're wondering what to do with the inside of your pumpkins? Well, why not make some delicious pumpkin soup, pie or curry? The possibilities are endless - just search pumpkin on

Don't let your pumpkin become another Hallowe'en horror - recycle for the South Hams!

Issued: 22 October 2019