In October, South Hams District Council and Kingsbridge Town Council will be launching a consultation. This is an opportunity for everyone to join in the conversation about a Premier Inn coming to Kingsbridge and to tell us what that might mean for the Town and the District.

Kingsbridge Quay

South Hams District Council are inviting the community of Kingsbridge, and the surrounding communities to sign up now with their email address, so that they can be kept informed of all of the consultation milestones and receive alerts when it goes live. 

Cllr Judy Pearce, Leader of South Hams District Council said: "The Council supports the approach of an open conversation with the community. Before any plans are submitted to us as the Planning Authority, we want to hear from all sections of the community so that their response can guide the plans that are submitted. We know from experience that formal planning consultations on a specific plan, can limit the responses that are given, because responses to applications have to relate in a specific way to planning. We have also seen that artist impressions can raise concerns about how something might look, and the principal of a development gets lost. Therefore we want this conversation to focus on the principal of building a Premier Inn in Kingsbridge, rather than the specifics of the building design."  

South Hams District Council are inviting, residents, businesses, visitors and surrounding communities to provide their email addresses now, to make sure that they are involved in that conversation from the beginning. 

Chris Brook, South Hams District Council's Director for Place and Enterprise said:  "Let me start the conversation by telling you the story so far. South Hams District Council owns a piece of land at Rope Walk in Kingsbridge that is currently derelict.  The building on it is unused and in a poor state of repair. The Council would like to use this land for the benefit of Kingsbridge and the South Hams.  In line with the policies of our commercial strategy, we want to use this site to create jobs and apprenticeships, bring business to town, improve tourism and create some money to help the Council pay for services.

"Premier Inn then entered the discussion and told us that they would like to work with us by running an 85 bed hotel on the site at a cost of £10m from the Council and a further £10m from Premier Inn. They have said that this could create the equivalent of 90 full time jobs during the build and 24 when the hotel is up and running. They also said that they could being an extra 700 visitors to the town every week and an extra £525,000 could be spent in the town ever year."

Together with the Town Council, South Hams District would now like to invite the residents, businesses and surrounding communities of Kingsbridge to join this conversation and tell them what they think of this idea.

Specific dates and details of when, and where, you can join that conversation will be coming out shortly.  In the meantime, those interested are being invited to sign up for email alerts so that they are kept informed. 

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Issued: 27 September 2019