Meetings of the Development Management Committee consist of twelve District Councillors and are held approximately every four weeks on a Wednesday.

The meetings are held in the Council Chamber at Follaton House, Totnes, and start times can vary depending on how many applications are on the agenda.

A full list of the scheduled meetings can be found here. You can also see the reports and minutes from previous meetings.

The full list of functions and procedure rules for Development Management Committee can be found in part 3b of the Constitution Delegation Scheme (see Our Constitution). The main function of the committee is to decide planning applications.

Not all planning applications go before Development Management Committeee. If you have commented on an application which is going before the Committee, you will be notified in advance.

The Development Management Committee has provision for a public participation scheme. This allows an objector and a supporter to speak on each application which is presented to the Committee for a decision. Speakers have a maximum of three minutes (or five minutes for major applications) to make their case and, unless asked to clarify particular points, will not be able to speak after this.

To find out more about speaking at Development Management Committee, please follow this link.

The current members of the Development Management Committee are: