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Additional information to validate your application

If your application does not contain all the necessary information to allow us to validate it, you will receive notification from us advising you what documents are missing.

Contained within your email notification is a link to submit any additional documents required.   The links are not searchable online, and can only be accessed using the email sent notifying you of an invalid application.

Further information relating to validation requirements can be found using our Local Planning Validation Checklists.

If we need to speak to you about your application, we will contact you using the contact details provided on the application form.

Please submit necessary documentation to us within 21 days of receiving your email. The statutory period for determining the application will not commence until the above has been received.

After this time, unless previous agreement has been made with the local planning authority, if all the information requested has not been supplied the application may be returned. Any fees that have been paid will be returned and all remaining documentation will be disposed of.  To progress with the proposed development you will then need to start the submission process again with full documentation and the correct fee.

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