BT have advised South Hams and West Devon of public payphones identified for proposed removal of the basis of low usage.

Payphone removal consultation - July 2019 

The list of phone boxes, their parish, ward and ward members along with their usage is below.

Icon for pdf BT Payphone Kiosk Removal [193.98KB]

BT advise that there is a 3 part consultation period ending on 23 October 2019. To meet this deadline, comments from the public need to be received by 11 September 2019.  Town and Parish Councils and local elected Ward Members have already been advised.

BT has advised a notice was placed on the phone box by BT on 7 or 8 July advising any comments be sent to the Local Authority Planning Department. If you have not already made your comments known, you have until 11 September to submit your comments to -


Please email by 11 September 2019, including "BT PAYPHONE KIOSK REMOVAL RESPONSE" in the subject, clearly stating whether you would like to either:

  1. Adopt the phone box for £1 see ; OR

  2. Reject BTs proposal for removal stating why - see pages 8 and 9 of the attached OFCOM guidance for relevant factors; OR

  3. Confirm you are happy for the phone box to be removed

We will then collate the responses on all phone boxes involved and coordinate a draft notification to the Secretary of State and BT.

To view the Schedule of Draft Notice Responses, please Icon for pdf click here [581.74KB].

If you have any comments on these draft decisions, please email them to by 20 October 2019 or earlier if possible.