Floodlight Game, Set and Match
The floodlights at Kingsbridge Community Tennis Club are back on after 12 years of not working.
Totnes toilets posed a health risk
The drug users would often leave behind needles and spray blood on the walls. If used, the needles (also known as sharps) which may have been contaminated with infected blood could transmit more than 20 diseases, including hepatitis B, C and HIV. Because of this transmission risk, injuries caused to a member of the public who tries to use the toilets could cause huge stress and worry.
Green Light for Community Lottery
Local good causes can look forward to generating tens of thousands of pounds per year, thanks to approval from South Hams District and West Devon Borough Councils.
Toilets Closing Over Concerns for Public Safety
Selected toilets in Totnes are to temporarily close at Christmas due to concerns over public safety
Change of Command at South Hams and West Devon Councils
One of the two Executive Directors at South Hams District and West Devon Borough Councils is moving on
Ready For Your Future Needs
Councils' call to businesses to understand future need
Developers' Contributions - How to Apply
Funding is available from South Hams District Council for Open Space, Sports or Recreation Projects.
Cyber Crime - Protect Yourself and Your Business this Christmas
As Christmas approaches, Devon and Cornwall police are encouraging people to take five minutes to protect themselves against cybercrime.
Tough Choices for South Hams in the Budget Next Year
More will need to be done in order to close the projected budget gap.
Ivybridge Neighbourhood Area Referendum Vote Yes
Ivybridge neighbourhood area has voted a resounding yes for the Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan.