No Waste or Recycling Collections in South Hams Today
South Ham District Council has confirmed that waste and recycling collections remain suspended today.
No waste or recycling collections in South Hams tomorrow
South Ham District Council has confirmed that there will be no waste or recycling collections tomorrow.
Residents Urged to Call Council if they find Abandoned Used Needles
Totnes residents have been urged by South Hams District Council not to pick up needles if they find them in the street or other public places, but to report them for collection.
Cold Weather Protocol
We have activated our cold weather protocol for rough sleepers in the area.
Protecting Frontline Services
District Council remains committed to protecting services, and could even start building houses.
Your Council is Saving £35,000 by Going Cashless
Did you know you can pay your Council Tax at the Post Office or at your corner shop if they have PayPoint?
If You See Something Say Something
Taxi drivers receive valuable training and tools for safeguarding their passengers.
What Next for the Slapton Line?
Find out what the community suggested for the future of the Slapton Line at a public event on Wednesday 7 March at Stokenham Village Hall.
South Hams District Council did not overspend its budget by 21% last year
This evening the BBC has run a story which is factually incorrect. The figures that they have directly compared do not show the full details of our accounts.