Tourism gets a Beach Hut Bonus in Beesands
Council to build and run Beach Hut-style holiday chalets in Beesands.
Investing in Kingsbridge
Last week South Hams moved a step closer to building a new hotel in Kingsbridge, that could add an extra £3.9m to the local economy per year.
Council to invest £19 million
Over the last year South Hams District Council have been busy looking at all of the land that they own, to understand the potential it might have to enhance the local area if developed. They now have a number of exciting investment and enhancement projects which will create significant benefits for the local economy.
All wrapped up and nowhere to go
This year many of the companies who process paper and card for local councils are saying that they can no longer take any wrapping paper at all. This means that wrapping paper cannot be put into your blue recycling sacks, it needs to go into your grey bin instead.
No Need to be on the Streets in Totnes this Winter
South Hams District Council, in partnership with Totnes charities and agencies, are reminding people that there's no need for anyone to sleep rough on the streets of Totnes this winter.
Anti-Social Behaviour Causing Headaches for Rugby Club
Totnes Rugby Club and South Hams District Councillors are furious with a spate of persistent anti-social behaviour at Borough Park.
Exciting Improvements Coming to the Heart of Totnes
An exciting programme of improvements to uplift the appearance of Totnes Market Square has been agreed by South Hams District Council, in close partnership with Totnes Town Council.
Waste and Recycling Service
A new multi million pound contract has been approved by South Hams District Council for recycling, waste and cleansing services enabling the Council to save over £3 million pounds over the life of the contract and improving our environmental impact.
Avoid the unwanted gift of food poisoning this Christmas
There are an estimated one million cases of food poisoning in the UK every year, and without attention to food hygiene, this doesn't stop during the festive season.
The Big Lotto Christmas Countdown
Extra prizes for you to win when you buy SeaMoor Lotto Tickets in December!