Ward Councillor for Kingsbridge

Cllr Susie Jackson

Name: Cllr Susan Jackson
Address: 10 Higher Park, East Prawle, Kingsbridge TQ7 2DB
Email: Cllr.Susan.Jackson@southhams.gov.uk
Tel:01548 511628
Political Party: Liberal Democrat
Ward: Kingsbridge
Parishes: Kingsbridge
Committees: Overview & Scrutiny Panel

Declaration of Interests Summary:

Employment: Senior Occupational Therapist

Sponsorship: South Hams Liberal Democrats

Securities: None

Contracts: None

Land/Licences: 10 Higher Park, East Prawle, Kingsbridge TQ7 2DB

Corporate Tenancies: None

Membership of Other Groups: None

Other Matters: None

Training & Development from  May 2019:

May & June 2019 Induction Training: 

  • The Planning Process (Part 1), The Planning Process (Part 2)
  • Overview & Scrutiny
  • IT Training
September 2019Medium Term Financial Strategy Training
October 2019Standards & Governance