Ward Councillor for Ivybridge East and part of Ugborough.

Cllr Victor Abbott

Name: Cllr Victor Abbott
Address:13 Weatherdon Drive, Ivybridge PL21 0DD
Email: Cllr.Victor.Abbott@southhams.gov.uk
Tel: 07757 262919
Political Party: Liberal Democrat
Ward: Ivybridge East and part of Ugborough
Parishes: Ivybridge East and part of Ugborough
Committees: Development Management Committee

Declaration of Interests Summary:


Employment: Personal Tutor

Sponsorship: Liberal Democrat Party

Securities: None

Contracts: None

Land/Licences: 13 Weatherdon Drive, Ivybridge PL21 0DD

Corporate Tenancies:None

Membership of other Bodies: Ivybridge Heritage & Archives Group; Trustee Ivybridge HGA Group; Ivybridge Methodist Church; The Hydrographic Society; The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology; The Higher Education Association; Liberal Democrat Party; Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors; The European Movement; Devon for Europe; Hope not Hate; Electoral Reform Party; Make Votes Matter; University and College Union

Other Matters: None

Training & Development from May 2019:











May & June 2019 - Induction Training:

  • Setting the Scene & How the Council Works including Code of Conduct
  • Governance:- Introduction to the role of the Executive, O+S Panel, DM Committee, Licensing Committee, Audit Committee and   Salcombe Harbour Board,
  • Safeguarding:- General Data Protection Regulation, Equality and Diversity, Freedom of Information, Business Continuity and Health and Safety
  • The Planning Process (Part 1), The Planning Process (Part 2)
  • Media Skills (to include Social Media)
  • Council Procedure Rules
  • The Locality Service
  • DM Committee Mock Meeting
  • Audit Committee Workshop
  • Overview & Scrutiny
  • Audit Training
  • Environment Service Briefing
  • District Tour
  • Housing & Homelessness
  • IT Training

September 2019

October 2019




November 2019

December 2019

January 2020


March 2020

Medium Term Financial Strategy Training

Community Safety Partnership Training

Climate Change Workshop

Audit Viewpoint Training

Standards & Governance

Budget Workshop

Webcasting Training

Development Management Service Session

Community Safety Partnership Session

Gypsy and Traveller Session

Treasury Management Training

Health and Wellbeing Session